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You are not helpless in the face of the Covid-19 Epidemic.
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Fighting Covid-19,

the Unequal Opportunity Killer

     The fight is not over, but you are not helpless in the face of the Covid-19 Epidemic. Dr. Irving Cohen, a physician who has decades of experience, training and qualifications in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, explains how to build an additional wall to protect yourself from a severe outcome if you are exposed to Covid-19. Do not stop the things that you are doing to protect yourself from exposure and do become immunized when it is available to you. In addition to what you are already doing, you will learn how you can do more right now to protect yourself. The statistics you hear only tell half the story. Age and race are statistical risk factors for worse outcomes and death, yet simply quoting statistics about things seemingly beyond your control does not explain the actual reasons this disparity.
      Those reasons are known and within your ability to modify. The underlying risk is not age or race itself, but health issues that are more common, depending upon your age and race. Those underlying issues can be measured with objective testing and are reversible! You are not helpless. Learn how you can start with self-assessment and begin the right changes immediately. Your physician can do the right objective testing to verify that you are strengthening you defenses, as you go on. Start now and you will not only be able to mount a better defense, against this epidemic, you will also be protecting yourself from other chronic disease in the future. It is in your own hands.

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Reviews by Health Professionals

American Public Health Association,
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section Newsletter, Spring 2021.

      Dr. Cohen’s book is solidly based in public health with an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. The book is written for the general public as well as for health educators and others involved in community health. The straight-forward and explanatory style make it a valuable teaching tool. Nutrition is a core concept and Dr. Cohen reviews valuable information about the body’s requirements for promoting optimal health. In particular, the issue of systemic inflammation is addressed in a variety of ways, including important nutrients to minimize it, the physiology of inflammation, assessing the level of inflammation through various laboratory tests, and food additives and ingredients that are best avoided. The book includes a clear discussion about risk factors that contribute to inflammation and stresses the practices that can be modified in order to reduce the risk of inflammation as well as the risk of contracting Covid-19. Dr. Cohen includes a reliable and valuable set of references in his book and very readable explanations of physiology.
     This book is a valuable contribution to empowering the public with knowledge for self-care.
           Beth Sommers, PhD, MPH, Boston, Massachusetts
          Chair, Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices Section
          American Public Health Association

Professor Will Evans, PhD    University of Southern Mississippi

      Dr. Cohen again uses his vast knowledge of nutrition and epidemiology to share ideas on diet and lifestyle than can strengthen immunity and ward off the chronic conditions that predispose one to poor health outcomes associated with COVID-19. The advice he gives, diets, and recommendations can be applied long after the virus is under control as a means of attaining better body weight, improved health, and longevity.
           Will Evans, PhD, MCHES, Hattiesburg, Mississippi
         Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Nursing and Health Professions, The University of Southern Mississippi
         formerly Professor and Head, Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion, Mississippi State University

Vance Lassey, MD
Vance Lassey, MD,    Family Physician

      I LOVE this book... Dr. Cohen has humbly devoted his life to the prevention of disease, and in his new book, Fighting Covid-19, the Unequal Opportunity Killer, Dr. Cohen has once again gifted us with his copious application of reason. He deploys his ability to see through the cloud of political, bureaucratic, and corporate corruption and greed, eloquently stating the truth that everyone needs to know. People rarely die FROM Covid-19, they die WITH Covid-19. Epidemic conditions that cause widespread bodily inflammation are marching our populace ever closer to the cliff's edge, and too often, Covid-19 is pushing them off. Dr. Cohen has articulated this problem well, and has presented common-sense solutions that millions of people can use to build a wall of secondary prevention; in the event of covid-19 infection, well-informed and prepared patients are much more likely to breeze through the virus with a cold that might otherwise have been catastrophic... even I used (this) to easily endure the virus with only mild symptoms...I recommend this book to all patients concerned with the covid-19 pandemic, and especially those who struggle with metabolic disease, diabetes, and obesity.
           Vance Lassey, MD, Holton, Kansas
          Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita
          Founder and CEO, Holton Direct Care
          Vice President, Direct Primary Care Alliance

Robert Durst, MD,    Dermatologist

      A brilliant scientist and caring doctor distills the essence of what you need to do to maximize your body's defense mechanisms against Covid-19 into easily understandable information.
           Robert D. Durst, MD, Dermatologist, Topeka, Kansas
          Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology

 Mae Lovell,    Nurse and Tai Chi Instructor

     Congratulations for writing this splendid book packed with health enhancing information which is critically needed, especially at this time.
      I appreciated the depth and clarity of your explanations throughout the book.  My copy is already heavily highlighted and will continue to be a valuable resource.  The chapters, Inflammatory Spectrum of Diabetes, Objective Lab Tests, and Reversing Insulin Resistance contain crucial information for me since I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.
      Thank you for offering your knowledge and years of experience in Preventive Medicine in this book  and for the guidance it provides for us to take our  power back regarding optimal health.
           Mae Lovell, R.N., Topeka, Kansas
          Certified Tai Chi for Health Instructor

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Irving A. Cohen, MD, MPH

About the Author

Irving A. Cohen, MD, MPH
Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine

     Dr. Cohen is a physician who has dedicated his medical career to the prevention of disease, focusing on early detection and interventions to prevent more serious disease outcomes later. He left a successful computer career to help people struggling with disease. Following medical school, he initially trained in Internal Medicine but recognized that conventional medical practice focused on treating illness that might have been preventable. He then turned his attention to the medical specialty of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Cohen trained in Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health. He served there as a Resident Physician and then as Chief Resident of Preventive Medicine. He has been Board-Certified in Preventive Medicine and Public Health by the American Board of Preventive Medicine for 35 years and is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine.
      Dr. Cohen has served in private practice and government service, in public health and clinical medicine. He was Deputy Director of the New York State Research Institute on Addiction. He has held faculty appointments at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine, the University of Kansas School of Medicine and the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry and Mental Health Sciences.
      After he thought he had retired, he became interested in the emerging epidemics of overweight, obesity, and diabetes. Developing an improved way to evaluate the efficacy of weight-loss methods and studying effective historical techniques led him to develop programs for weight-loss and diabetes control. He has made presentations about these topics at medical scientific forums in the United States and Canada and is the author of books on losing weight and reversing diabetes.
      When the Covid-19 epidemic struck the world, he recognized that the differential risk of serious illness and death was modifiable. He has written this book to alert the public that they are not helpless, whether their increased risk is associated with age, race, or pre-existing chronic illness.

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The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.
Benjamin Disraeli, 1877, former British Prime Minister

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